What is HS2?

Building a connected Britain

The High Speed Two rail network will bring the UK’s Victorian railway infrastructure dramatically into the 21st century, releasing space on crowded lines and bringing the whole country closer together. In this section you can explore the HS2 in the context of the history of high speed rail and the huge benefits it will bring to the UK.

High speed rail has dramatically improved inter-city transport all over the world in the last 50 years. HS2 will see Britain adopt the worldwide standard and finally see the major cities of the Midlands and the North connected to the extensive, Europe-wide high speed network. You can find out about high speed rail and its amazing effects on the rest of the world – and Britain – here.

HS2 will revolutionise our railways, create thousands of jobs, bring major cities closer together, generate investment in neglected areas and provide passengers with an unprecedented travel experience. Explore how HS2 will transform Britain's capacity, connectivity, trains, passenger experiences and travel sustainability while driving growth and regeneration.

See the key details, milestones and dates for the development and construction of HS2.

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