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A national network

HS2 is a project unique in size and scale and will revitalise Britain’s aged railway network, releasing space on our crowded main lines before they become too congested to operate properly. HS2 will also have benefits far beyond preventing the railways from saturation and in this section you can explore the various ways in which the new network will transform the UK.

Our railways are already crowded and the problem will only get worse as demand increases.

By taking long-distance services off existing lines, HS2 will also free up vital space on Britain’s jam-packed freight routes.

HS2 will substantially reduce inter-city passengers’ journey times. It will bring the UK’s major cities closer together, encouraging and more evenly distributing economic growth. 

HS2 will enable businesses in Britain’s major cities to be better and more conveniently connected with clients both domestic and in Europe.

HS2 will change the way we think about train travel, providing unprecedented speed, convenience, comfort and personalised journey experiences.

High speed rail is one of the most efficient modes of transport in the world. HS2 will take passengers away from journeys in cars and planes that emit significantly more carbon.


HS2 will be a national, state-of-the-art network that will put the UK on the map of world-class transport engineering once again.

Evidence from Europe and Britain's existing high speed rail line suggests that developments around HS2 stations will provide extra jobs, growth houses and offices, with investment easier to attract.

The significant benefits occurring in Europe and on the English south coast will be replicated around HS2's regional hubs and beyond into the communities they connect.

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