Design Refinement

Since the announcement of a preferred line of route for Phase One of HS2 between London and the West Midlands, engineers and environmental specialists have continued developing the design of the route to ensure that it is as efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly as is practicable, whilst also minimising impact on communities.

This work has led HS2 Ltd to refine the design of the railway and, in a small number of locations, propose refinements to the design that go beyond simply developing the design put forward in January 2012.

Design Refinement Consultation

This consultation is now closed

The consultation ran from 16 May 2013 and closed on 11 July 2013. It sought views on a number of proposed refinements to the Phase One line of route that had been put forward in January 2012.

Ipsos Mori, an independent company that specialises in analysing responses to consultations, was asked by HS2 Ltd to produce a summary report of responses to the Design Refinement consultation.

The report provides a comprehensive account of the issues and themes raised by the stakeholders who responded to this consultation:

Download the Ipsos Mori consultation summary report

Safeguarding is an established part of the planning system, designed to protect land which has been earmarked for major infrastructure from conflicting developments which might otherwise occur. On 24 October, the Secretary of State for Transport announced his decisions for design refinements at Bromford and Northolt, safeguarding directions for these areas were issued. This completes the safeguarding of the HS2 Phase One line of route.

Further information on safeguarding for Phase One of HS2 can be found in our dedicated safeguarding section on this website at:

On 25 November 2013, the Governement published the decisions relating to the remaining 12 design refinements. These reports can been viewed from the Design Refinement consultation page on the GOV.UK website at:

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