Hybrid Bill

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High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Bill

Next stage for the Bill

Committee stage

From 29 April 2014

House of Commons

During this stage detailed examination of the Bill takes place. A Select Committee is set-up to consider petitions made against the Bill. These petitions are then considered by the Select Committee, which may result in amendments to the Bill.

Further information regarding this stage of the Bill's progress through Parliament and petitioning can be found in the relevant pages of this section of our website using the left hand menu.

Previous stage

Second reading

28 April 2014

House of Commons

This was the first opportunity for MPs to debate the general principles and themes of the Bill, as well as the Select Committee being set-up.

Brief overview of the Bill

The Government has deposited a hybrid Bill with Parliament for Phase One of HS2 between London and the West Midlands, which will secure the powers to construct and maintain Phase One.

The Bill is titled the ‘High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Bill’.

Following First reading of the Bill in the House of Commons on 25 November 2013, the Bill, Environmental Statement and supporting documents were made available online.

You can access these document in our dedicated hybrid Bill section on this website at:


You can also view details of the Bill's passage through Parliament on the UK Parliament website at:


Announcement of the High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Bill

A Written Ministerial Statement (WMS) has been laid in Parliament for the hybrid Bill and can be viewed on the GOV.UK website at:


The Secretary of State for Transport said: 

"HS2 is the most ambitious and important infrastructure project in the UK since we built the M25 30 years ago, and in 30 more it will be just as integral a part of the nation’s prosperity."

Read the full story on the GOV.UK website at:


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