Are you a property owner?

As well as helping to protect the land needed to build and operate the railway, the safeguarding directions also trigger something known as ‘Statutory Blight’. This means that property owners within the safeguarded area may be eligible to serve a Blight Notice asking the Secretary of State for Transport to buy their property prior to it being needed for construction.

If you are a property owner, or are interested in safeguarding from a compensation perspective and are unsure whether or not your property falls within the safeguarded area please check the safeguarding maps

To qualify to serve a Statutory Blight Notice you should be able to answer yes to all of the following three questions.


Q1. Do you have a qualifying interest in the property that you wish the Secretary of State for Transport to buy?

Q2. Is your property partly or wholly within the safeguarded area?

Q3. Have you made all reasonable endeavours to sell your property?


However, if you are eligible for the Express Purchase Scheme then you do not need to answer yes to question 3. To check whether you qualify for Express Purchase and for further details on how the scheme operates please visit our Express Purchase section on this website at:

In short, the Express Purchase Scheme makes the process of serving a blight notice easier and more certain for those owner-occupiers whose property falls wholly or partly (please see our Express Purchase guidance for specific criteria)  within the area known as ‘surface safeguarding’.

In addition, those owner-occupiers whose property fell wholly or partly within the surface safeguarded area in the October 2013 Safeguarding Directions (but no longer does in the June 2014 Safeguarding Directions) may also be eligible for Express Purchase.

This is because your property now falls within the Extended Homeowner Protection Zone., In these cases, owner-occupiers have a five year period (from 26 June 2014 until 25 June 2019) to submit their blight notice should they wish to sell their property to the Government under the Express Purchase scheme. Please check our Express Purchase web page for further guidance:

To find out if your property is within surface safeguarding or the Extended Homeowner Protection Zone, please refer to the maps which can be found in our safeguarding maps section for Phase One of HS2 between London and the West Midlands at:

For further information and guidance on Statutory Blight, serving a Blight Notice and answering the three key questions listed above, please read the HS2 Phase One Guide to Statutory Blight June 2014

If you answered yes to all three of the above questions or qualify for Express Purchase and wish to serve a blight notice you will need to fill out the forms in the resources below and return them to HS2 Ltd.

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