Euston Station to become vibrant destination as part of plans for HS2

19 April 2013

Euston Station will be redeveloped and improved to become the gateway to the great cities of the Midlands and North as part of plans for HS2. And under new proposals this could be achieved without the need to lower and rebuild all the existing platforms – minimising disruption to commuters and residents.

Euston Station will be the terminus for High Speed Two, but further work done by HS2 Ltd to look at the best way to accommodate high speed trains has found most of the benefits for Euston could be achieved without having to knock down and rebuild the entire station.

In January 2012, the Government published plans for the first phase of High Speed Two (HS2) between London and the West Midlands. This plan envisaged a complete rebuild of Euston Station, including all existing platforms.
However, further work on design and engineering has found the project can deliver wide-ranging opportunities and improvements on time but without the disruption caused by lowering all of the platforms into the ground, and in doing so achieve best value for money for taxpayers.

This option, developed partly in response to concerns from the community about the potential disruption caused by redevelopment that would have taken more than a decade, would obviate the need to rebuild all the existing platforms. This would lead to less disruption for passengers as the station – the sixth busiest on Britain’s rail network – could continue to operate mostly as normal rather than having to move services from old platforms to new ones while platforms are being progressively demolished and rebuilt.

The proposals would still see the station revitalised for passengers and with potential for new homes, offices and shops above. Completing construction by 2026 will unlock the line-wide benefits as soon as practicable.
The revised proposal features:

  • Potential opportunities for over-station development – with the possibility of being used for future homes, open space and businesses.
  • The capacity needed for high speed and conventional trains
  • New platforms and facilities for the high-speed trains
  • New, improved facilities for all passengers in a redeveloped, integrated station with a new, combined concourse and façade
  • Better connections with the Underground, including a new Underground ticket hall
  • A sub-surface pedestrian link between Euston and Euston Square Tube
  • East-west pedestrian routes across the station, helping to link communities on either side of the station.

This revised option will be included in the draft environmental statement for the first phase of HS2, which will be published in the next couple of months, and be subject to public consultation before any decision is made.
HS2 Ltd acknowledges the work done into the potential of the area around and above Euston as part of Camden Council’s Euston Area Plan which shows there is considerable demand for locations immediately around and above the Euston area with significant employment and training opportunities. An economic report prepared for the Euston Area Plan found commercial development would be viable in the Euston area.

HS2 Ltd Chief Executive Alison Munro said:

“HS2 will be an engine for growth that supports the creation of thousands of jobs for Londoners, provides extra space on the existing lines for more commuter services, and improved connectivity with our great northern cities.
“Community concerns have been raised about the potential disruption caused by the redevelopment of Euston Station. Following more work done by our engineers to find the best way to deliver best value for taxpayers, we have identified an option that we believe delivers great opportunities for the area while minimising the potential effects on local communities in Camden and on passengers.

“We are looking at an option for Euston Station which would see new platforms built as part of an integrated, redeveloped station with a combined concourse, new western entrance and improved facilities across the integrated terminus.
“Economic work done as part of Camden Council’s plan for the area has demonstrated that there is a case for major redevelopment with the potential for commercial investment, and we want to look at these opportunities with Camden. We also realise the importance Camden Council places on over-station development, and our proposal for Euston enables this, with potential for future homes, businesses and open space.

“Whatever option is adopted, Euston would be the gateway to the Midlands and North with improved facilities for passengers and better connections with the Underground.”

The proposal HS2 Ltd has developed for Euston Station involves:

  • Retaining platforms 1-15 (of Euston’s 18 platforms) at their current level with some modifications (this includes removing platforms 9 and 10 so that adjacent platforms can be lengthened – resulting in 13 long platforms) but improving the station around them – with a new concourse
  • Building 11 new platforms for high speed trains next to the existing platforms.

HS2 Ltd is working closely with stakeholders on the design of Euston Station, recognising the need to keep on time and budget while delivering value for money for the taxpayer.

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