HS2 Ltd responds to Woodland Trust report

19 December 2013
Ben Ruse, HS2 Ltd lead spokesperson said:

“It is vital we maintain meaningful dialogue with all parties around HS2. Unfortunately, this is not helped by reports that appear to contain misleading information.

“For example, HS2 Ltd does not accept the claim that 43 ancient woodlands will be faced with loss or damage. The truth is less than half that figure. 19 ancient woodlands will be affected – a figure we have shared and previously agreed with the Woodland Trust.

“The 24 additional ancient woodlands referred to in this Report are not recognised as such by Natural England. Moreover, we will be planting over two million new trees resulting in there being more woodland when HS2 is completed than there is now. HS2 is not being built at the expense of the environment.

“The plans set out in the Environmental Statement accommodate extensive environmental mitigation and are the results of the largest public consultation and engagement scheme ever undertaken in the UK.”

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