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2020 progress

There are now 240 sites between London and the West Midlands, employing over 13,000 people with tens of thousands of more jobs supported in the supply chain. Find out more about HS2 progress in 2020.

A HS2 logistics hub is being prepared at the former Willesden Euroterminal site.

22,000 new jobs announced

Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits one of the largest HS2 construction sites, the HS2 Interchange Site, Birmingham.

22,000 new jobs will be recruited as a result of starting full construction on the project, as announced by the Prime Minister in September.

Station plans approved

Three planning approvals gained for our enormous, state-of-the-art stations at Old Oak Common in North London, Interchange in Solihull and Curzon Street in Birmingham.

An architect's image of the interior of Curzon Street station, viewed internally from above, a concourse stretches into the distance under a high arched roof.
An architect's visual of the birds-eye view on Interchange station showing the station exterior, tracks, pedestrian plaza and links to other modes of transport.
An architect's visualisation of the exterior of Old Oak station, from above. It shows the series of shallow arched roofs above the station and the adjacent platforms linking it to the existing railway network.
Interior of Birmingham's Curzon Street Station. The context of Interchange Station in Solihull. Old Oak Common Station showing links to the existing railway network.

Contracts worth £12bn released

£12 billion worth of contracts up for grabs for UK companies to work on HS2’s first phase between London and the West Midlands.

190,000 trees planted

190,000 trees planted, taking our total up to 616,000 planted across Phase One, and 60 wildlife habitats now created between London and Warwickshire.

Two TBMs arrive in the UK

Two enormous tunnel boring machines (TBM) arrive in the UK ready to bore under the Chilterns. With another two TBMs on the way to our Long Itchington site ready to tunnel under the route into Birmingham. And another two contracts awarded for TBMs to dig our London tunnels into Euston.

The giant cutter head of a HS2 tunnelling machine.
Parts of an HS2 tunnelling machine are driven off a ferry on a lorry.
The integrated elements of a tunnelling machine stretch into the distance in a factory yard.
The giant cutter head of an HS2 TBM is more than 9m in diameter. Tunnelling machine components are driven off a ferry as they arrive for assembly. A tunnelling machine fully assembled for factory testing.

412 new apprentices welcomed

412 apprentices welcomed onto the project, a fifth of the intended 2,000 apprenticeships that will be offered during the construction of HS2.

Two huge bridges moved

A construction worker watches as a large bridge deck is moved into position on multi-axle bogeys.

Two huge modular bridges moved into place at our Interchange station site. One, 2,750-tonne, 65-metre bridge structure, installed in just two days. A second, 45 metre, 914 tonne modular bridge over the A446 in Solihull, moved into place in only 45 minutes.

1.5m lorries start to be taken off the roads

Aggregate is unloaded from a freight train.

1.5 million lorries to be taken off Britain’s roads as the first rail freight delivery rolls into HS2’s Washwood Heath site in Birmingham. 15,000 freight trains are set to move 10 million tonnes of aggregate for HS2 over the next ten years.

2,400 tonnes of UK steel used

In the foreground a mobile crane works on a construction site, behind it a steel structure is under construction.

2,400 tonnes of structural steel, made in the UK and delivered to the south portal of the Chiltern tunnel by Notts Based fabricators, Caunton Engineering. The steelwork will be used in the temporary pre-cast factories that will create the tunnel wall segments and the nearby Colne Valley Viaduct.

87,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide designed out

Architectural vision of the exterior of Curzon Street Station.

87,000 tonnes of CO2 will be designed out of Curzon Street Station, resulting in the station achieving net zero carbon emissions from regulated energy consumption and a range of technologies to generate energy from renewable sources.

500 jobs for Somerset

CGI of four railway tracks running through Interchange Station.
Railway tracks at Interchange Station

500 jobs set to be created after PORR UK won the contract to deliver our high-performance modular track system. The high-tech ‘slab track’ will be manufactured at a new facility in Somerset.