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  1. HS2 and woodlands

    25th September 2019

    We are determined to manage the impact of HS2 carefully. Find our the HS2 facts about woodlands.

  2. Map

    HS2 Phase One contract partners

    24th September 2019

    The attached map sets out which contractors are working in which area.

  3. Accessibility statement for HS2.org.uk

    23rd September 2019

    This website is run by HS2 Ltd. We want as many people as possible to be able to use this website.

  4. Doc

    HS2 Phase 2a Guide for Farmers and Growers

    28th August 2019

    Provides information for farmers and growers affected by High Speed Two (HS2) construction.

  5. Doc

    HS2 Phase One Guide for Farmers and Growers

    28th August 2019

    The guide for farmers and growers set out High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd’s proposed approach to handling agricultural property matters.

  6. HS2: the work so far

    22nd August 2019

    BBC transport correspondent Tom Burridge visits HS2 construction sites to find out how much work has been done.

  7. overhead view of Old Oak Common station

    Helping reduce overcrowding

    20th August 2019

    HS2’s brand new track and fast intercity services will carry more than 2 million people a week.

  8. HS2 employee stories

    27th June 2019

    Find out what its like working on one of the largest, most complex infrastructure programmes in generations directly from the people helping to build it.

  9. Local area engagement plans

    3rd May 2019

    Our Community Engagement Strategy outlines all the ways that we’ll engage with people and communities that are affected along the route.

  10. A High Court Order regarding Harvil Road

    2nd May 2019

    A High Court Order regarding the Harvil Road site in the London Borough of Hillingdon.