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  1. Women in Engineering

    22nd June 2020

    We’re determined to become a global leader in high speed rail and engineering excellence. More women and young people is what will take us there. Read their stories.

  2. HS2 and you

    15th June 2020

  3. Work With Us Wednesdays

    11th June 2020

    Attend our onboard local weekly webinars to find out more about the ways you can get your business ‘HS2 ready’.

  4. HS2 getting on board with local businesses

    10th June 2020

    HS2 is a great opportunity for local businesses of all types and sizes.

  5. HS2 Guide to Ground Settlement

    5th June 2020

    Information on: how your property might be affected; what we will do to protect your property or pay for repairs; how we will keep you informed; and what a settlement deed is and how to apply for one.

  6. Rural Support Zone

    15th May 2020

    The Rural Support Zone (RSZ) is the area outside the safeguarded area, which is typically up to 120 metres from the centre line of the HS2 railway in rural areas.

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  8. Express Purchase

    15th May 2020

  9. Doc

    Alternative Dispute Resolution

    15th May 2020

    Unfortunately, in some cases it is required for a case to progress through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) when it is not possible to reach agreement by direct negotiation.

  10. Help us name the first HS2 Tunnel Boring Machines

    12th May 2020

    We need your help to name the first pair of tunnel boring machines to be used on the high-speed rail project.