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  1. Carbon – putting Britain on track to a net zero carbon future

    16th October 2019

    HS2 will support the UK’s transition to a net zero carbon economy.

  2. Parts for a tunnel boring machine are laid out over a large area.

    Suppliers and Businesses

    17th December 2017

    HS2 is creating thousands of contract opportunities in its supply chain. Find out how your business can get involved.

  3. CGI image of high speed trains at a platform.

    What is HS2

    12th September 2021

    HS2 is a state-of-the-art, high-speed line critical for the UK’s low carbon transport future. It will provide much-needed rail capacity across the country, and is integral to rail projects in the North and Midlands – helping rebalance the UK economy.

  4. HS2 and environment facts

    31st October 2020

    Find out how HS2 is protecting and enhancing the woodlands, habitats and wildlife, as we plan and build a climate-resilient railway.

  5. CGI of the front, outside view of Curzon Street with trees and landscaping.

    Birmingham Curzon Street

    4th September 2020

    Curzon Street Station will be at the heart of the high speed rail network.

  6. Connectivity – catalysing growth and levelling-up the country

    27th November 2020

    By offering better connections HS2 will help spread jobs and opportunity around the country, driving regeneration.

  7. Artist-impression-of-Crewe-Railway-Station-entrance-from-Weston-Road


    25th August 2021

    HS2 will transform Crewe's transport links

  8. External main view of Interchange Station


    4th September 2020

    Interchange Station serves Solihull, Birmingham Airport and the NEC. Its design focuses on sustainability.

  9. a hydrogen and solar fuelled power unit on a construction site.

    Air quality

    7th October 2020

    HS2 will cut emissions, improve air quality and support a net-zero carbon economy.

  10. Route map (described)

    7th March 2019

    This is a text-only description of the high speed railway route found on our interactive map.