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  1. HS2 Costain Skanska joint venture: Social Value Portal summary report

    2nd July 2020

    The results of a social value evaluation of the HS2 Enabling Works Programme on behalf of the Costain Skanska joint venture, undertaken by the Social Value Portal.

  2. Women in Engineering

    22nd June 2020

    We’re determined to become a global leader in high speed rail and engineering excellence. More women and young people is what will take us there. Read their stories.

  3. HS2 and the environment

    19th June 2020

    Find out how HS2 is protecting and enhancing woodlands, habitats and wildlife as we plan and build the railway.

  4. Doc

    Natural England: Wildlife Licences and HS2

    19th June 2020

    This information note explains Natural England’s role in assessing and granting wildlife licences for works related to the construction of the HS2 railway.

  5. Innovation

    16th June 2020

  6. Innovating to prevent occupational deafness in construction

    16th June 2020

    HS2 and its Euston early works contractor CSJV have teamed up with cutting edge smart tech company Eave to take major steps towards eliminating work-related hearing damage.

  7. HS2 and you

    15th June 2020

  8. Work With Us Wednesdays

    11th June 2020

    Attend our onboard local weekly webinars to find out more about the ways you can get your business ‘HS2 ready’.

  9. HS2 getting on board with local businesses

    10th June 2020

    HS2 is a great opportunity for local businesses of all types and sizes.

  10. HS2 Guide to Ground Settlement

    5th June 2020

    Information on: how your property might be affected; what we will do to protect your property or pay for repairs; how we will keep you informed; and what a settlement deed is and how to apply for one.