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Our governance

The main decision-making, executive and managerial bodies at High Speed Two (HS2) Limited are the executive management team and the board. Collectively, HS2 Ltd is responsible for ensuring that the HS2 rail network is:

  • designed, built and operates to the highest safety standards
  • built and operates sustainably, responsibly and respectfully of the communities, wildlife and places it affects
  • reliable, seamless and easy to use for all passengers and well-integrated with existing transport systems

We also work with our suppliers to build a skilled workforce that supports economic growth across the UK.

The board

The role of the board is to:

  • ensure effective governance of the company so that the company makes decisions at the right time and properly manages risks
  • shape, challenge and direct the agenda for the company delivering stated priorities
  • monitor performance and risk, making choices (or recommendations to ministers) on our priorities ‘risk appetite’ (the amount and type of risk we are willing to take in order to meet our strategic objectives)
  • oversee healthy relations with our stakeholders and commercial partners

The board typically meets on a monthly basis. View more information about the HS2 board.

HS2 board minutes and audit committee minutes, can be found on the HS2 section of GOV.UK. This is in line with government policy on publishing corporate information. They will continue to be published there.

HS2 Corporate reports, including annual reports and accounts, can be found on the HS2 section of GOV.UK. This is in line with government policy on publishing corporate information. They will continue to be published there.

Publication Scheme

Our Publication Scheme sets out the types of information we publish, the way we publish it and if you will need to pay a charge to see it. For more information visit our Publication Scheme page.

Our policies

Equality and diversity

Find out how we value equality and diversity not just within our company but across our supply chain too.

Our equality, diversity and inclusion policy addresses the need for inclusion in our workforce and the planning, design, construction and operation of the HS2 project.

Freedom of Information (FOI) Act

Find out how make an FOI request by visiting our contact and help page.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Find out about our approach to prevent slavery and human trafficking in every part of our business by visiting our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement.

Privacy and data

Find out about our policy on personal data, privacy and GDPR.

Read our Personal Information Charter. It explains how we treat your personal information.

Read our general Privacy Notice

Find and download activity specific privacy notices.

Read about the cookies used on our corporate website.

Complaints procedure

We recognise that problems may sometimes occur and we are committed to dealing with all complaints promptly and in a fair and reasonable manner. Find out more about our complaints process.

COVID-19 and the workplace

HS2 Ltd conducted a high-level review of the control required across HS2 Ltd for COVID-19. It includes risks to staff, contractors, third parties, visitors, and the public, of the initial return to the workplace. Download the document.  View the certificate confirming that HS2 Ltd has complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 in workplaces.