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Our principles and values

Four guiding principles help us make decisions, steer the way we work with others to shape and deliver our programmes and set the priorities for how the Company operates.

In everything we do, HS2’s employees are expected to:

  • ensure value for money
  • respect the route-side communities
  • care for and collaborate with our colleagues; and
  • focus on the legacy that we’ll leave behind.

Ensuring value for money

In ensuring value for money for the taxpayer, we will ensure we manage our corporate costs efficiently and bear down on the cost of the programmes we deliver, while protecting our strategic goals and benefits. We and our supply chain must be disciplined and focused in our pursuit of value and the management of cost.

Respecting communities

We will be good neighbours and respect the communities we impact. Our community engagement strategy will demonstrate our consideration for those that HS2 will affect along the route and will drive our thinking, actions and decision making, and those of our suppliers.

Championing teamwork and collaboration

We will be a responsible client for the HS2 programme. This means we promote a truly collaborative approach, creating a sense of ‘one team’ with positive, constructive relationships between ourselves and our suppliers, and between ourselves and government.

Creating a positive legacy for Britain

We want Britain to be proud of HS2 by being proud of what HS2 does for Britain: a unifying force that brings the country closer together, with a stronger, more balanced economy and a legacy that improves the lives of this and future generations.

Health and safety workers in orange PPE
Our values
4 core values express who we are, how we aim to behave and what we aspire to be.


Acting fairly, transparently and consistently. That means using the powers we’ve been given wisely; acknowledging the impact of the HS2 programme; and doing the right thing, even in difficult circumstances.


Using innovation and challenging to lead by example. That means making the most of the unique opportunity HS2 offers; having clear direction to deliver excellence; and setting new standards for mega-projects.


Understanding others, recognising their value and behaving accordingly. That means listening and being open-minded; explaining decisions clearly; working flexibly; and appreciating the impact of our actions.


Caring for our workforce, passengers and the public by creating an environment where no one gets hurt. That means making safety our first consideration and speaking up and intervening if something is unsafe.