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Phase 2a: West Midlands to Crewe

Services on Phase 2a of HS2 will begin in 2027, carrying passengers from London to Crewe on the high speed line, and beyond.

Fly-through of the HS2 Phase 2a line

From 2027 the Phase 2a line, running between Fradley in the West Midlands and Crewe in Cheshire, will connect with existing high speed services to carry passengers between London and Crewe. Services will travel onwards to places like Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Preston and Wigan.

Early delivery

To release the benefits sooner, the delivery of Phase 2a has been brought forwards to 2027, six years earlier than originally planned.

Planning permission to build HS2 Phase 2a

In July 2017, the government introduced the High Speed Rail (West Midlands to Crewe) hybrid Bill into Parliament. This was the first step in getting permission to build this part of the route.

The Bill received its Second Reading in the House of Lords on 9 September 2019. The Bill has now been committed to a Select Committee who will consider the petitions deposited against it. The Select Committee is expected to be established and to start its hearings in October after Parliament returns from prorogation.

You can view the Phase 2a hybrid bill documents and find out more details about its progress through parliament on the GOV.UK website. Or view the entire timeline for the project.

Our community websites

The planning and construction of HS2 is a huge operation – it is currently the largest infrastructure project in Europe.

Visit our community websites to find out more about what the proposals are for the route as it travels through communities, how it is being constructed and what we are doing to make this less disruptive. The sites host: local area plans, local engagement plans, contractor liaison plans and local event information.

More sites are being prepared to serve other areas. All community sites can be found on the HS2 community site hub .