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The environment and sustainability

HS2 and the environment: we aim to build the most sustainable high speed railway in the world.

Wetland pond with Dutch barn and poplar trees in the background. An example of how we work at HS2 and the environment improvements we deliver
Finham Brook is a new wetland habitat HS2 created from wasteland near the route.

Enhancing the environment

We will deliver a railway that respects the natural environment by conserving, replacing or enhancing wildlife habitats with a new green corridor along the route.

For more examples of how we work at HS2 and the environment improvements we deliver visit our HS2 Green Corridor page about how we enhance both habitats and communities along the route.


Environmentally Responsible Travel

HS2 will be a greener way to travel, offering some of the lowest carbon emissions per passenger kilometre and significantly less than cars and domestic air travel.

Our approach to woodlands

There are over 52,000 ancient woodland sites in England. Of these, 43 will be affected by the route between London and Crewe. We are working to ensure that over 80% of the total area of these 43 ancient woodlands will remain untouched by HS2.

In addition, a £7 million HS2 Woodland Fund is available to help restore existing ancient woodlands and to create new native woodlands that connect or extend existing ancient woodlands.

Find out more about HS2 facts and our approach to woodlands.

tree nursery with workers walking between rows
HS2 will plant 7m trees along its route and fund woodlands beyond it too

Our mission to be sustainable

Our ambition is to build the most sustainable high speed railway of its kind in the world. We want a high speed railway network which changes the mode of choice for inter-city journeys, reinvigorates the rail network, supports the economy, creates jobs, reduces carbon emissions and provides reliable travel in a changing climate throughout the 21st century and beyond.

Find out more about our sustainability policy.

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