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Deep Soil Mixing – a local business case study

Trench being inspected by worker in orange PPE

Their approach brings with it improved cost efficiencies, reduced carbon footprints, and minimum spoil removal due to eliminating the need to excavate material from the site.

Working on the HS2 site of the Severn Trent Sewage treatment plant near Coleshill for enabling works contractor LM JV, Deep Soil Mixing Ltd helped get the ground ready for the construction by remediating the soft ground using innovative, low carbon and sustainable solutions. This stabilisation allowed access of construction equipment to install a new gas main which needed to be relocated as part of the HS2 works.

Trench with a green pipe running through it

One of the objectives of what we do is to prevent the removal of material off site and thus not importing fill. This substantially reduces carbon emissions, it is recycling on a massive scale – great for sustainability and great for the environment. It was exciting to get involved in HS2, to see the environmental ambitions and standards on site and play our part in contributing to these. With offices local to the Phase 2a route in Stafford, it was also great that HS2 is looking to local businesses and the local people they employ and sub- contract to get involved and benefit from the project.

Colin Critchlow, Director Deep Soil Mixing Ltd