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Trinity Asset Management – a local business case study

Trinity Asset Management team pictured with members of HS2 staff including CEO , Mark Thurston.

Grasping the opportunity of HS2, they are making use of  our community engagement notifications and attending local events to keep up to date and ensure they understand where HS2 construction sites are going to be so they can look to promote their accommodation offer to our workers in these areas.

As a result, Trinity Assets currently provide high quality accommodation to 35 workers from within the HS2 supply chain and are expecting this to grow over the next year. Since getting involved with HS2 the increase in demand has meant they have expanded their business, buying and renovating 15 properties, double what they had projected. They have seen an increase in their turnover and have been able to hire more people.

HS2 Local Case Study: Trinity Asset Management

Trinity is also helping the benefits flow down through their supply chain.  As well as employing more local builders and cleaners to develop and maintain their properties, they have also been able to promote local businesses within Coleshill to workers who stay with them.  This includes laundry services, restaurants and other local businesses who can meet the day to day needs of our workforce.

We have already benefitted from the work we are doing for HS2 and working on a project of this scale can only help us achieve our goals.

Kai Ogunbanjo, Trinity Assets