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A view across a pond and wetland towards a barn and trees behind it.
Finham Brook: a new habitat created by HS2 in Warwickshire.

HS2 Green Corridor

We are creating a Green Corridor along the spine of the country

Our Green Corridor will run alongside the railway, creating a network of bigger, better-connected, climate resilient habitats and new green spaces for people to enjoy.

We have already started planting new woodlands and creating new ponds, grasslands and meadows, with many new habitats flourishing, before a single train has started running.

The Green Corridor Prospectus

We understand that local communities have concerns about the environmental impact of building HS2. That’s why we’ve put an extensive environment programme in place, including our Green Corridor alongside the railway. The Green Corridor Prospectus provides more detail about how we are already delivering projects up and down the route and how communities can benefit further by getting involved.

By combining HS2 Ltd’s funds with external capital, we will achieve much more for communities and the environment, and by delivering the Green Corridor, we are also supporting the Government’s 25-Year Environment Plan.

Download the Green Corridor interactive Prospectus.

Green Corridor Prospectus

Green Corridor online mapping tool

You can track the development of the Green Corridor using our online mapping tool below. This will be regularly updated to show:

  • How we are minimising and compensating for the environmental impact of HS2 (points and areas shown on the map in light blue),
  • The progress of environmental and community projects (points and areas shown on the map in purple).

Clicking on each point or area will provide further details.

The search bar in the top-left of the map allows you to search by address, postcode, or project name, to jump straight in to the detail at a local scale.

Icon explanations:

  • The Information icon lists Green Corridor benefits,
  • The Key/Legend icon explain all the symbols shown on the map,
  • The Layer List icon lists the contextual layers that can be turned on or off to provide additional information,
  • The Case study icon lists case study areas that you can zoom to,
  • The Near Me icon allows you to enter an address and list projects close to it.

Map Note:

The Minimise and compensate for the environmental impact of HS2 (Environmental Statement) map layer data is derived from the Phase One Hybrid Bill design, Supplementary Environment Statements and Additional Provisions 2015; some parts of the scheme may have changed through subsequent design refinement or as a result of compliance with undertakings and assurances.