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A High Court Order regarding the Harvil Road site in the London Borough of Hillingdon.


On the 16 May 2019, the High Court granted an injunction to prevent protesters trespassing on HS2 land and obstructing access to HS2’s worksites at Harvil Road.

The court injunction is necessary to help us keep the public and our staff safe at our work sites. There have been numerous incidents of trespass and obstruction, including incidents where protesters have climbed onto vehicles, lay down in the path of vehicles and climbing underneath vehicles. All of which have the potential to cause serious injury and health and safety is HS2’s highest concern.

Please note that this injunction does not restrict activity on land that is not covered by the injunction, a map can be found here as well as more information about the injunction.

To help explain the map, please note the following. The land shown coloured pink, green and blue is covered by the first part of the injunction. This part prevents people from entering onto that land without the consent of HS2.  The abbreviation GVD in the key stands for General Vesting Declaration, this is a means by which land can be acquired compulsorily for the HS2 project.

The land shown coloured orange shows the public highway and is covered by the second part of the injunction.  This part prevents people from substantially interfering with the passage by HS2/the Secretary of State and our contractors and employees etc. to and from our sites (shown coloured pink, green and blue) from the public highway.

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