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Update of the design of the Western Leg of Phase 2b: Manchester Piccadilly Station

Webinar (online) event

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North West

Hosted by the Phase 2b team, this webinar will focus on scheme development in this area including, the proposal the Minister of State for Transport is currently consulting on to make changes to the design around Manchester Piccadilly station.

This includes:

  • an additional two platforms (giving a total of six), to allow future use of HS2 infrastructure as part of Northern Powerhouse Rail;
  • relocation of the Piccadilly Metrolink stop beneath the new high speed station;
  • to make passive provision for a future Manchester to Leeds junction to facilitate Northern Powerhouse Rail services; and
  • improvements to the intended road network around the station.

Towards the end of the webinar, you’ll get the chance to ask the team questions via a live Q&A session.

We will be publishing video recordings of the session online, so if you are not able to listen live you can still learn about each topic through a dedicated playlist on the HS2 YouTube channel.

For more information about HS2 please contact our HS2 Helpdesk team on 08081 434 434 or email [email protected]

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