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Respectful conversations

Lady with white vest and grey hair is shown something on an iPad by HS2 worker

We will continue to give those who are impacted by our work a chance to voice their concerns so we can listen and try to help. Our staff will always behave respectfully so please respect our staff and others in return.

Our mutual respect statement

One of HS2’s guiding principles is to be a good neighbour every single day, to engage and show respect for the people and communities we impact. 

Respect is one of our core values. In line with our Community Engagement Strategy, we will work continuously to build trust and create opportunities for two-way conversations with all those who are impacted by our work. We will always behave in a respectful manner and in return we expect the same. We will not tolerate behaviour that creates an intimidating, abusive or offensive environment which undermines the safety or wellbeing of our staff and of others. If we feel behaviour is unreasonable, we will take appropriate steps to address the situation.

Equally, if you feel our behaviour falls short of our commitment to be respectful, please let us know directly via our Helpdesk, which is available all day, every day.