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Our curriculum-linked resources are accessible and flexible, enhancing the teaching of subjects such as maths, physics and English.

Using augmented reality to visualise future designs
Augmented reality can help visualise future designs

High Speed Two (HS2) is the biggest infrastructure project in a generation, bringing high speed rail connections to millions of people. It will create jobs throughout the country, support the growth of new industries, and help to close the UK skills gap.

We have various resources and projects for children of all ages to enjoy. The content is mainly aimed at teachers but anyone can get involved!

Our education programme supports schools along the route in delivering careers education. It’s about inspiring young people from every background to choose STEM careers, and putting resources into teachers’ hands that create a real-life context for wider curriculum learning.


 Birmingham City University student, Sarina Kaur with her winning artwork on Curzon Street Station.
Birmingham City University student, Sarina Kaur with her winning artwork on Curzon Street Station.

Route Options Project

Take on a role in the Zoom Rail project team! Students evaluate four possible routes for a new railway. With no perfect answer, they must weigh up pros and cons, balancing community, economic and environmental factors, and make a case for their choice.

Aimed at children in key stages 4 and 5 (14 to 18 years old).

Suggested curriculum links: geography, government and politics; engineering; environmental studies; maths; English.

Download the teachers’ guide.

Download the student guide.

Zoom Train

Using a template, students cut out a train and its wheels and then create a powertrain, using a balloon! This simple, engaging, hands-on activity encourages creativity and teamwork as students compete to build the fastest train.

Aimed at children in key stages 2 to 4 (7 to 16 years old).

Suggested curriculum links: physics, CDT, art, maths, English.

Download the Zoom Train template and instructions.

Career role models

People at HS2 Ltd work in a huge variety of roles, from IT to archaeology, from engineering to the environment. Many of them volunteer as education ambassadors to share their experiences.

Our ambassadors can help bring your careers and enterprise events to life; they can also work alongside you on interactive workshops that get students thinking about their own abilities.

It’s not just about preparing for a job in rail, or even a career in engineering. Wherever your students see themselves, we can help them explore their ideas, build on their interests, and start developing the workplace skills that employers really need.

Careers information

You can find information related to apprenticeships, our graduate scheme and the National College for High Speed Rail on our careers page. The resources available are great to help young people find out more about our project and show them the range of career opportunities HS2 could offer.

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