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Construction work in Camden, London
Construction work in Camden, London

Noise insulation in Camden

The construction work for HS2 is likely to create noise and vibration that will affect some residents living near worksites.

We will design and construct HS2 in ways that reduce noise as much as we reasonably can. In certain circumstances, where construction noise from HS2 is still likely to affect you in your home, we may offer to install noise insulation for you, or pay for you to install it yourself. 

Prolonged disruption compensation scheme 

The Government has announced the HS2 Prolonged Disruption Compensation Scheme. This policy complements a wider package of environmental controls set out in the HS2 Phase One environmental minimum requirements and adds to the noise insulation and temporary re-housing measures set out in information paper E23.

We are aware of the issues that building a new railway can cause to people who live nearby. We will design and build the railway in ways that reduce noise as much as we reasonably can. 

An introduction to the scheme for residents has been published on the Government websiteAdditionally, the Prolonged Disruption Compensation Scheme policy has been published. 

If you are eligible under this scheme, we will contact you in advance of the construction works to discuss your options and provide more information about the application process. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact the HS2 Helpdesk. 

What is noise insulation?

The type of noise insulation we offer is called ‘secondary glazing’.  Secondary glazing typically consists of a single pane in an aluminium frame. It is installed inside your room, set back 100mm to 200mm from your existing window. Your original windows will remain in place and unaltered.

Supplementary ventilation is often required, so you can keep your windows closed during periods of noise. Venetian-style blinds can also be installed between the panes, to shade rooms from direct sunlight and reduce heat. 

You may qualify if: 

  • You live in a house, flat or other building used for residential purposes; and 
  • The predicted or actual construction noise levels exceed the ‘trigger levels’ and ‘temporal criteria’. 

Over 1300 properties around HS2 worksites in the Euston area are likely to be eligible for noise insulation. If your property is likely to be eligible, it will be outlined in green on the map. If you live on one of these highlighted streets or blocks and you haven’t received a letter, please contact the HS2 Helpdesk. 

If you have already responded, you should have received a letter which explains that we will be contacting you about the next steps. If you have any concerns or queries, you can contact us via the HS2 in Camden information centre. 

When is it happening?

We are surveying listed buildings around Euston, to prepare for consent applications. These additional consents are only required for listed buildings – those protected by law because of their heritage or architectural interest.

If you have returned an application form, we will contact you to arrange a survey, so that we can discuss secondary glazing options and measure up. We will then arrange a subsequent visit to install the glazing. 

The maps show the provisional survey and installation dates for each area. Further updates and changes to the noise insulation programme will be provided to residents in writing and on this website. 

What else do I need to know?

Camden Council has opted for all qualifying tenants to be covered by the scheme. We are working with the council to install noise insulation for these properties.

Private tenants and leaseholders will need to check the terms of their lease and obtain any permissions or consents before installation. We will try to reach agreement between all parties where possible; however, if you want to have the work carried out, we ask you to do all that you reasonably can to reach agreement with the other interested parties. 

For information of our expectations for HS2 staff and contractors when visiting you in your homes please read our Code of Conduct.   

If you make an application, there is no obligation to proceed with the installation and you can change your mind at any time before the installation date is booked with you. 

What else is HS2 doing for residential mitigation in Euston?

Camden Council is concerned that some buildings around Euston are susceptible to mould, damp and excess heat, and that these conditions may be made worse by installing secondary glazing, or keeping windows closed for long periods.

We have commissioned an Independent Assessor to undertake a survey of properties (whether they qualify for noise insulation). The results will tell us whether additional measures are required to protect residents. 

Special cases

We recognise that there may be circumstances in which residents are more sensitive to construction noise. In such circumstances specific noise trigger levels and/or alternative noise control measures will be considered on a case-by-case basis to protect residents. Some situations that might require alternative measures include:

  • Residential homes where noise insulation is not a viable option; 
  • Night workers; 
  • People who regularly work from home and need a quiet environment; and 
  • Those that may have a medical condition which will be seriously aggravated by construction noise. 

If you think the above may apply to you, please contact our helpdesk in the first instance. To progress your application, we may need certain additional information from you, for example evidence that you work from home regularly or medical evidence from your doctor. We will handle all confidential information you provide to us sensitively and securely and in accordance with all relevant legislation and we will only hold it for the time required to progress your case. 

Staying COVID-19 Secure

For information about the precautions, we are taking to keep residents and our teams safe when installing noise insulation please see here.

This is also available in SpanishSomaliFrench and Bengali. 

Construction noice and vibration monitoring monthly reports

These reports present the monthly construction noise and vibration monitoring undertaken each month for HS2 within local authorities along the Phase One route. The reports are available here.

The reports contain monitoring data and interpretative results and include a summary of the construction activities occurring; any complaints received; the data recorded over the monitoring period; any periods in exceedance of agreed trigger levels; the results of any investigations; and where the HS2 works have been found to be the source, any action taken to resolve the issue and to prevent a recurrence. 

High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd and its Contractors are required to undertake air quality and dust monitoring, and produce monthly reports, to comply with the Code of Construction Practice (CoCP). The reports are specific to each local authority area along the Phase One route. 

The CoCP forms part of the Environment Minimum Requirements (EMRs). The EMRs set out high-level environmental and sustainability commitments to be carried out during the planning and implementation of works along the Phase One route.