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Trees in Camden

Trees in Camden

HS2 works in Camden have impacted trees in various locations including St James’s Gardens, Euston Square Gardens, and numerous roads within the borough. We recognise that many of the trees that we need to remove are established mature trees which cannot be fully replaced.

We understand the importance of trees to residents in Camden and will use all reasonable endeavours to reduce impacts on them where possible, and to retain trees in the borough. This includes planning construction works so that we can retain trees for as long as possible and providing replacement trees to help mitigate for the loss of each tree removed as a result of HS2 works.

During the select committee process an assurance was given to Camden Council that HS2 Ltd would fund Camden Council to plant replacement trees in appropriate locations in the borough. The full terms of the assurance is available on the register of Undertakings and Assurances on the government’s website here.

To help mitigate the initial loss of trees related to the project, HS2 has funded Camden Council to plant replacement trees. Full details of the London Borough of Camden’s tree planting project is available on their website here.

The Tree Panel

HS2 Ltd has established the Camden Tree Panel. The Tree Panel is responsible for reviewing and challenging the removal of, and works to, any tree in the London Borough of Camden undertaken by HS2 Ltd.’s contractors. No trees shall be removed, or have works done to them, unless they have been reviewed and accepted by the Tree Panel.

Below is a list of the outcomes from Tree Panel meetings from January 2020 where works to trees or tree removals have been agreed. If you’re interested in looking at the outcomes of a Tree Panel meeting held before the ones listed below, please go to our archived materials page.

Tree Panel – 06 January 2020

Tree Panel – 28 February 2020

Tree Panel – 24 April 2020

Tree Panel – 26 June 2020

Tree Panel – 31 July 2020

Tree Panel – 28 August 2020

  • Tree Panel endorsed proposal for removal of eleven trees and trimming of five trees in Euston Square Gardens – view further details here.

Tree Panel – 25 September 2020

Tree Panel – 17 September 2021

Tree Panel endorsed proposal for removal of two trees on Park Village East – view further details here.