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Harvill Road, Hillingdon, London
Harvill Road, Hillingdon, London

Works affecting public rights of way and local roads

During the construction of the new railway there will be a need to temporarily or permanently close footpaths and Public Rights of Way in Hillingdon. Some of these will include a diversionary route.  

Footpath U81 / Hillingdon Trail, through Ruislip Golf Course

From 15 June 2020 there will be a long-term diversion of footpath U81 due to archaeology and construction works at Ruislip Golf Course. The diversion will pass along The Greenway, Ickenham Road and Clacks Lane. 

Footpath U36 (Newyears Green Lane) 

We are starting to delineate the area along Newyears Green Lane for the sustainable placement of excavated material. We must ensure the safety of people who currently use Footpath U36 and maintain the security of the worksite. We have kept the footpath open for as long as possible, but we have now reached a stage that requires its closure. 

Hoarding will be placed around the site, and this will involve cutting across the footpath which will result in its closure from 28 September 2020. Local users can access Footpath U37 as diversion. Clear signage will be put in place to help the community. 

Construction Traffic

During the construction of the new railway there may be an increase in traffic during certain periods and we understand that this is something that residents are very concerned about. The section below includes an overview of what we are doing in Hillingdon to try and reduce traffic disruption. 

Designated Lorry Routes

To try and limit the effect on local roads as far as we can, our contractors are only allowed to use prescribed driving routes for their lorries, which provide the most suitable links from worksites to the main road network. In addition, routes to be used by large goods vehicles must be approved by qualifying planning authorities, i.e., Hillingdon Council, when the number of large goods vehicles, over 7.5t, exceeds 24-one-way trips per day to and from a site. 

In the Ickenham and Ruislip area the roads that are designated as construction lorry routes in the Environmental Statement are: 

  • Ickenham High Road 
  • Swakeleys Road 
  • Harvil Road 
  • Breakspear Road South 
  • Moorhall Road 
  • Victoria Road 
  • Field End Road 
  • Western Avenue (A40) 

If the worksite access to and from these designated construction traffic routes is altered or, a new route is proposed, the consent of the relevant highway authority i.e., Hillingdon Council is required. 

Traffic from Utility Works

Utility works are being carried out to divert existing services where there is a clash with the HS2 works, or to protect the services against damage due to ground movements from settlement (small movements in the ground caused by constructing the tunnels). 

During the utility works, rolling work sites with a typical length of no more than 50m are likely to be used. This will result in single lane closures and 2-way traffic signals managing traffic in many cases. Furthermore, where multiple diversions need to take place on the same street, works will be arranged wherever practicable to avoid multiple openings. Despite these measures, there may be increased congestion during the utility works. 

The utility works that are scheduled on major roads in the Hillingdon area are as follows: 

  • Long Drive 
  • Bridgwater Road 
  • West End Road 
  • Ickenham High Road 

Additional Measures

Furthermore, the Code of Construction Practice will require HS2 or their contractors to prepare local traffic management plans in liaison with highway and traffic authorities and the emergency services, which will include the requirement for protecting highways. 

You can find more general information for road users in the borough at roadworks.org