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Water Orton viaducts, artist's impression
Water Orton viaducts, artist's impression

Water Orton viaducts

Following public consultation, HS2 has revealed new designs for two viaducts near the village of Water Orton in Warwickshire, including new landscaped areas that will provide green public spaces and wildlife habitats. 

The Water Orton viaducts will be made up of two viaducts which will hold 700 metres of new HS2 track. The viaducts will be located east of the M42 and Lichfield Road, and will carry the new HS2 track over the River Tame and a network of existing transport links, including the Birmingham-Peterborough line, running between Water Orton and Coleshill Parkway Stations.

They link the curve that heads west towards Birmingham with the main line heading north, and are needed in this location to carry the railway across a network of existing motorways, roads and footpaths.

The section of the HS2 route where the two Water Orton viaducts are located is known as the Delta Junction, a triangular section of line where the new railway curves west towards Birmingham and runs north towards Crewe and beyond. 

The Water Orton viaducts will be 20 metres in height at its highest point and will include parapets, which are the outer edges and gully ways of the viaduct, to allow for safe maintenance and emergency access.

The viaducts will be held up by a series of piers which are supportive columns. The proportions and the spacing of the piers have to to deal with the weights and dynamic loads that they support. The piers have been designed to meet these technical requirements while appearing as consistent and elegant as possible in the landscape.

Overhead power lines supplying the trains will be supported using steel masts aligned with the structural grid of the viaducts. These will be designed to be consistent along the whole route.

Water Orton viaducts design engagement

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic and in response to Government guidance on social distancing it is not possible to engage directly with community groups in the usual way. 

We have therefore created a virtual exhibition to share our design for the viaduct and to seek your feedback

Visit our virtual exhibition and explore the design proposals in detail.

Water Orton viaducts, artist's impression
Water Orton viaducts, artist's impression