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Video interview guidance for graduates

Why are we conducting a recorded video assessment?

Recorded video assessment (also know as an asynchronous video interview) ensures that you can complete your interview in your own space, own time with no distractions. You will be asked the same set of questions, in the same way, with the same allocated time to answer.

What will I be asked in the recorded video assessment?

The video interview consists of seven pre-recorded questions. The first three questions are general questions about your application and are not assessed. These are followed by four competency questions aligned to our values of Leadership, Integrity, Respect and Safety. You have three attempts and up to 90 seconds to record your answer. Please take a look at our Values Framework at the bottom of this page.

How do I complete the recorded video assessment?

To access the video interview you will receive an SMS text and email with a unique link. Follow that link to open up your interview invitation. You can record the video on your phone, laptop, tablet or any other device with internet access and a camera.

When should I complete this by?
Please ensure your video interview is submitted by 23.00 on Monday 22nd February. Please note, to be fair and consistent to all candidates, we are not able to extend this deadline.

What happens next?
If you are shortlisted you will be invited to a “live” panel interview via Microsoft Teams in March 2021.
Due to the large number of applications we are not able to provide individual feedback.

I need support!

There are some resources below to help you, including links to MyInterview.com’s technical support. As the next generation of engineers, project managers and innovators, your success matters to us so if you can’t find the guidance you need, please contact the HS2 resourcing team by emailing [email protected]

Help and Guidance

How do I prepare for the interview?

To help prepare for the video interview choose a place and time when you are less likely to be interrupted. Make sure the room is well lit and you are in a quiet environment. You can record your answers in one go or you can complete it in stages.  You can check out advice from MyInterview.com for setting up your video interview here

Using the STAR technique

To give yourself the best chance of a high scoring answer, the STAR technique can help you think clearly about identifying a situation, task, action and result and provides useful guidance on structuring your answers so that they are clear and easy for the assessor to follow.

Situation: how, when, where, with whom? (Set the scene and context for your action).
Task: what was the situation or what task were you faced with? (Explain what your responsibilities and objectives were and where relevant what resources you used).
Action: what action did you take? (Describe what you did, thought, felt and why. Focus on your specific involvement in the situation and how you went about achieving what you set out to do).
Result: what results did you achieve/conclusions did you reach? (Describe the outcome(s) of your actions and the impact of your actions on others and on the situation).

We will be looking for your evidence to be clear, comprehensive and to display positive behaviours that are consistent with our values.

Technical support and FAQ's

MyInterview.com has put together a page with tips and assistance with all your interviewing questions which can be can be found here

Once the interview is underway, you will find a red button on the right which will launch a live chat function for technical support.

If you experience technical issues or require further assistance or support whilst completing the video interview which can’t be solved in the chat, please contact us at [email protected]

Accessibility and reasonable adjustments

Whilst completing the interview, you can access a range of accessibility options powered by equalweb including a text reader, magnifier and contrast settings.

These options can be accessed by the black button on the left of the video interview screen.

You may already have made a request for reasonable adjustments whilst you were applying but if you need any additional support or have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

Our Values and Behavioural Framework

Safety, respect, integrity and leadership are central to HS2 successfully delivering our vision. They don’t build the railway but they absolutely shape the environment we all work in while we're doing it. For this reason we look to include our values as part of our assessment process.

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