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  1. HS2 staff sitting around a table and working together.

    Our principles and values

    19th March 2018

    Our guiding principles show we care for the public, their money and each other.

  2. Doc

    HS2 Barn Owl Mitigation Plan

    1st December 2020

    Contains extensive measures to mitigate our impact on barn owls as we build and operate Britain’s new railway.

  3. HS2 positive effect on environment

    HS2 Green Corridor

    10th December 2020

    The Green Corridor Prospectus and map provide detail about how we are already delivering environment projects up and down the route and how communities can benefit further by getting involved.

  4. Naming the HS2 Tunnel Boring Machines

    9th June 2021

    HS2 will run various competitions to pick the names of the 10 giant tunnel boring machines that will excavate more than 80 miles of tunnel along the HS2 route.

  5. airport check-in desk area

    Manchester Airport

    8th March 2018

    HS2 will improve transport connections.