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    Phase 2b factsheet: Design

    7th October 2020

    This factsheet outlines the emerging design policy that will be put in place for the Proposed Scheme, which will include aesthetics and quality.

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    HS2 Ltd Corporate Plan 2018 to 2021

    19th June 2018

    High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd’s Corporate Plan covers the three-year planning period 2018/19 to 2020/21.

  3. Information on our cookies

    24th May 2018

    A cookie is a small text file which is automatically saved on your computer when you visit our website.

  4. Phase 2b Mid-2018 information events 

    31st May 2018

    We are sharing details of the evolving design for the railway.

  5. Access to land and property

    4th May 2018

    There are instances where HS2 Ltd or our contractors will need to access your land or property.

  6. Privacy Notice

    30th April 2018

    We’d like to explain how we look after your personal information and protect your privacy.

  7. How to complain

    11th April 2018

    If you are affected by the building of the new high speed railway for Britain and would like to complain, this page will tell you how.

  8. Design Panel

    20th March 2018

    We want HS2 to make the country proud and show the world what great British design can do. Find out how the Design Panel will help us do that.

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    Phase 2b factsheet: Control of noise from the operation of stationary systems

    7th October 2020

    This factsheet explains the measures that are expected to be put in place to control the effects of noise from the operation of stationary systems designed and installed by the nominated undertaker as part of the Proposed Scheme.

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    Phase 2b factsheet: Draft code of construction practice

    7th October 2020

    This factsheet outlines how it is expected the nominated undertaker will manage the effects of the construction of the Proposed Scheme on communities and the environment through its Code of Construction Practice (CoCP).