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  1. CGI image of high speed trains at a platform.

    What is HS2

    4th September 2020

    HS2 is a state-of-the-art, high-speed line critical for the UK’s low carbon transport future. It will provide much-needed rail capacity across the country, and is integral to rail projects in the North and Midlands – helping rebalance the UK economy.

  2. HS2 property compensation consultation 2013

    5th March 2018

    This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

  3. HS2 and the Natural Environment

    10th December 2020

    All leading environmental organisations agree that climate change is the biggest future threat to UK habitats. By providing a cleaner, greener way to travel, HS2 will help cut traffic and domestic flight demand and help reduce carbon emissions.

  4. Artist-impression-of-Crewe-Railway-Station-entrance-from-Weston-Road

    Phase 2b: Crewe to Manchester, West Midlands to Leeds

    16th June 2021

    Extending the high speed network to Manchester and Leeds, and beyond.

  5. HS2 and environment facts

    31st October 2020

    Find out how HS2 is protecting and enhancing the woodlands, habitats and wildlife, as we plan and build a climate-resilient railway.

  6. HS2 in South Cheshire

    20th May 2021

    Find information about planned HS2 works, activities and events taking place in the South Cheshire area.

  7. HS2 in Whitmore Heath to Madeley

    20th May 2021

    Find information about planned HS2 works, activities and events taking place in the Whitemore Heath and Madeley area.

  8. In your area

    15th December 2017

    Find out what's happening near you, where to get help if you're a home owner or business owner within the region, hear more from our community team, and have your say.

  9. Phase 2a: West Midlands to Crewe

    26th February 2021

    HS2 Phase 2a will extend the high speed rail line north from the West Midlands to Crewe, helping towns and cities across north western England, north Wales and Scotland benefit from it sooner.