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  1. Contact us

    12th October 2020

    Find out how to contact HS2 Ltd about: general, media and career enquiries, FOI requests, complaints and small claims.

  2. Our policies and procedures

    25th March 2020

    You can see the information we hold in registers and on lists that relate to the functions of HS2 Ltd.

  3. Careers

    15th December 2017

    Whether you're looking for a role in the rail industry or represent a small business, we're looking to connect with you.

  4. a long map on the table in the foreground with a group of standing people behind talking.

    Apply for property assistance schemes

    15th December 2017

    How to apply for assistance if your home is affected by HS2.

  5. HS2 and your business

    22nd March 2019

    Being a good neighbour to communities includes working closely with local businesses based along the line of route of the new railway. We recognise the value they can add, and want to share the opportunities this project could offer.

  6. Ground Settlement

    30th October 2020

    As we start to build HS2, we need to carry out excavations for structures like tunnels, portals and shafts, and this work can cause small movements in the ground, called settlement.

  7. Privacy notice library

    31st October 2018

    This collection contains activity specific privacy notices for the HS2 programme.

  8. Doc

    Selling your home or small business using the Statutory Blight or Express Purchase process

    30th May 2018

    This guidance will assist you through the process of selling your property to the Secretary of State for Transport (being represented by HS2 Ltd) in connection with the HS2 project.

  9. Old Oak Common virtual one-to-ones with construction partners: CSJV, SCS, BBV

    22nd January 2021

    Each month the virtual one to one's will have different themed discussions where you can book a 20-minute slot to talk with the team from HS2, SCS, CSjv and BBVS.

  10. Guide to the Publication Scheme

    31st March 2020

    Our Publication Scheme is designed to give everyone routine access to information relating to HS2 Ltd. and the project.