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  3. HS2 property consultation 2014: government decision

    5th March 2018

    Sets out the government’s response to the HS2 property consultation 2014 on the London to West Midlands route.

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    HS2 residents’ charter

    5th March 2018

    The residents’ charter sets the standard for communicating with people who live along or near the High Speed Two (HS2) route.

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    Independent HS2 Construction Commissioner appointed

    5th March 2018

    An independent commissioner has been appointed to help look into issues arising from the construction of HS2 which is on track to get underway next year.

  6. HS2 Phase One information papers: property, compensation and funding (series C)

    13th February 2018

    The rights of land and property owners affected by the London to West Midlands (Phase One) HS2 route who want to recover costs and fees.

  7. HS2 Phase One information papers: route development (series A)

    13th February 2018

    These papers outline the development of the HS2 scheme and the new West Coast Main Line timetable.

  8. Residents’ charter and HS2 Independent Commissioners

    9th February 2018

    We recognise that as we develop, design and build the new railway, our activities will impact on the communities in which we will operate.