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  1. Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

    19th March 2021

    HS2 Ltd fully supports the principles of the Modern Slavery Act, and we find any violation of human rights unacceptable.

  2. Connectivity – catalysing growth and levelling-up the country

    27th November 2020

    By offering better connections HS2 will help spread jobs and opportunity around the country, driving regeneration.

  3. Guide to the Publication Scheme

    31st March 2020

    Our Publication Scheme is designed to give everyone routine access to information relating to HS2 Ltd. and the project.

  4. The stations

    15th December 2017

  5. Careers

    15th December 2017

    Whether you're looking for a role in the rail industry or represent a small business, we're looking to connect with you.

  6. Our people

    15th December 2017

    Find out who is on the HS2 executive team and the board of the organisation.

  7. External main view of Interchange Station


    4th September 2020

    Interchange Station serves Solihull, Birmingham Airport and the NEC. Its design focuses on sustainability.

  8. HS2 and environment facts

    31st October 2020

    Find out how HS2 is protecting and enhancing woodlands, habitats and wildlife as we plan and build the railway.

  9. Protected: Viaducts

    18th March 2021

    On Phase One of HS2 alone, there will be over 50 viaducts along the 140 miles of dedicated track.

  10. Information on who we are and what we do

    25th March 2020

    Information about how we work as a business, how we relate to the Government and our legal governance.