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  1. Rural Support Zone

    15th May 2020

    The Rural Support Zone (RSZ) is the area outside the safeguarded area, which is typically up to 120 metres from the centre line of the HS2 railway in rural areas.

  2. Connectivity – catalysing growth and leveling-up the country

    25th October 2019

    HS2 will bring Britain closer together by adding much needed capacity and connectivity to our rail network.

  3. Design aspiration

    23rd February 2018

    We aim to enhance the lives of future generations of people in Britain by designing a transformational rail system that is admired around the world.

  4. students at a career fair

    HS2 social media policy

    15th May 2019

    These guidelines help create a safe environment on all social media channels run by HS2 Ltd.

  5. Engineering Careers

    28th May 2020

  6. External main view of Interchange Station


    16th July 2019

    Interchange Station serves Solihull, Birmingham Airport and the NEC.

  7. Doc

    Alternative Dispute Resolution

    15th May 2020

    Unfortunately, in some cases it is required for a case to progress through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) when it is not possible to reach agreement by direct negotiation.

  8. Express Purchase

    15th May 2020

  9. Health and safety

    10th October 2018

    Looking after the health and safety of everyone who works on, or is impacted by, HS2 is at the heart of everything we do.

  10. students at a career fair

    Future you quiz

    13th November 2018

    Take our personality quiz to discover how you could help deliver Britain's high speed rail network.