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  1. students at a career fair

    Future you quiz

    13th November 2018

    Take our personality quiz to discover how you could help deliver Britain's high speed rail network.

  2. Doc

    SSHELT working group: temporary works

    11th October 2018

    Explains our approach to control risks during temporary works.

  3. Respectful conversations

    17th September 2020

    'Respect’ and ‘safety’ are two of our core values. We are committed to creating a safe space for you to have respectful conversations with us and others.

  4. Doc

    Selling your home or small business using the Statutory Blight or Express Purchase process

    30th May 2018

    This guidance will assist you through the process of selling your property to the Secretary of State for Transport (being represented by HS2 Ltd) in connection with the HS2 project.

  5. Richard Robinson

    5th October 2018

  6. Contract opportunities

    12th January 2018

    See the current and future contract opportunities

  7. Access to land and property

    4th May 2018

    There are instances where HS2 Ltd or our contractors will need to access your land or property.

  8. Cookies

    24th May 2018

    A cookie is a small text file which is automatically saved on your computer when you visit our website.

  9. Nicole Geoghegan

    1st February 2018