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  1. Construction work in your area

    15th December 2017

    Learn about HS2 work near you. Find out about our dedicated community websites.

  2. In your area

    15th December 2017

    Find out what's happening near you, where to get help if you're a home owner or business owner within the region, hear more from our community team, and have your say.

  3. What’s happening near you

    15th December 2017

    Find out what is happening in your area.

  4. portrait of Matthew Flinders

    Captain Matthew Flinders

    22nd January 2019

    Archaeologists working on the HS2 project in Euston have discovered the remains of Captain Matthew Flinders. The Royal Navy explorer led the first circumnavigation of Australia and is credited with giving the country its name.

  5. HS2 Archaeology

    26th October 2018

    Before we build bridges, tunnels, tracks and stations, the largest archaeology programme ever undertaken in the UK will take place along the line of route.

  6. Homepage

    20th May 2018

    Homepage introduction

  7. Have your say

    15th December 2017

    Find out how to comment and provide feedback on our plans and activities.

  8. HS2 Phase One information papers: property, compensation and funding (series C)

    6th March 2018

    The rights of land and property owners affected by the London to West Midlands (Phase One) HS2 route who want to recover costs and fees.

  9. Phase 2b 2018 information events: In your area booklets

    4th June 2018

    The Phase 2b route of HS2 has been divided in 26 community areas. On this page you will find a series of booklets for each of these 26 areas.

  10. HS2 Green Corridor

    25th June 2018

    We’re creating a ‘green corridor’ alongside HS2, which will support local wildlife and communities, while integrating the railway into the landscape.