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HS2 will drive the transformation of Chesterfield.

'Phase 2b'
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High speed rail network map.

HS2 Services in the East Midlands

A dedicated link taking high speed trains off the main line and running up to two trains per hour into Sheffield on existing lines whilst the main HS2 line continues to carry trains serving Leeds and further North.

Chesterfield to:

  • East Midlands Hub: 16 minutes
  • London: HS2 time 73 minutes, current time 105 minutes

East Midlands Hub to:

  • Birmingham Interchange: 17 minutes
  • Birmingham Curzon Street: 20 minutes
  • Leeds: 20 minutes
  • York: 35 minutes
  • London: 52 minutes
  • Newcastle: 96 minutes

HS2 train times

Discover how HS2 will transform your journey

HS2 helping reduce overcrowding

By freeing up space on existing lines, for new local train services, passengers and freight, HS2 helps ease congestion and over-crowding. Travelling by train becomes a more convenient and enjoyable option for everybody, regardless of how far they’re going. Find out more about HS2 helping reduce overcrowding.

HS2 helping reduce carbon emissions

By freeing up capacity on our current railways, HS2 will help take hundreds of lorries off the roads every day as more freight can move to rail. This will improve air quality and help reduce carbon emissions. Learn more about HS2 and zero carbon Britain.

Chesterfield’s HS2 Masterplan

Chesterfield Borough Council is using the arrival of HS2 to drive a transformation of the town. A re-developed station is key to this. Watch the council’s full-length HS2 Masterplan video.

HS2 will complement existing rail services and open up regeneration opportunities, enhancing Chesterfield’s role as both a destination and a gateway to surrounding areas, including the Peak District National Park. Furthermore, HS2 will offer better connectivity for more than one million people living within 30 minutes of the station.

£1 billion of development is already underway in the borough and the area’s masterplan includes provision for nearly 5,000 new homes and more than 10,000 new jobs. It will also see 176 hectares of brownfield land brought back into use.

The masterplan has 10 primary objectives which include attracting economic investment, improving connectivity, encouraging global tourism to the area and creating a wow factor on arrival.

HS2 is helping attract investment across the East Midlands

It’s already boost the region’s economy. The East Midlands HS2 Growth Strategy estimates that the arrival of HS2 could help provide 74,000 new jobs and add an extra £4bn a year to the regional economy. East Midlands Local Authorities are working together to maximise the economic potential of a new HS2 hub station at Toton and the integrated high speed station at Chesterfield. In March 2019, the Government approved £2m of funding for a new development body to oversee plans for the new HS2 station and expand East Midlands Airport. The proposed HS2 Infrastructure Maintenance Depot at Staveley offers major opportunities and Derbyshire County Council’s masterplan includes 1,500 new homes and 800 new jobs on site.

125 East Midlands businesses have already delivered work on HS2

Explore Manufacturing in Nottinghamshire has won a contract to supply major bridges, creating 35 new jobs. Over half of all companies delivering work for HS2 are small and medium sized businesses.

Regional supply chain stories 

Derbyshire-based construction firm, Collins Earthworks, helped prepare our Long Itchington Wood Tunnel site ready for the launch of the tunnel boring machine. The team have excavated 300,000m3 of soil. Since April 2020, 120 people have worked on the HS2 site, with a number of new plant operatives also employed from the area.

Collins Earthworks and HS2.

More information about joining HS2’s supply chain.