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East Midlands Hub (Toton)

The East Midlands hub station at Toton will be one of the most connected places in the UK.

'Phase 2b'
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CGI image of the future site of the East Midlands Station for the HS2 high speed railway
Development concepts for the East Midlands Hub station at Toton.

HS2 Services in the East Midlands

The East Midlands hub station at Toton will be one the best served stations on the high speed network.

Up to 14 high speed trains an hour will leave Toton. Midlands Connect have plans to connect the hub to major centres in the region including Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and East Midlands Airport.

This includes proposals for the hub station to link to existing motorway, classic rail and tram networks. Derby and Nottingham are working together on an ambition that envisage a journey time of just 10 minutes from their city centres to the HS2 hub, and better link the two cities in the process.

East Midlands Hub to:

  • Birmingham Interchange: 17 minutes
  • Birmingham Curzon Street: 20 minutes
  • Leeds: 27 minutes
  • York: 36 minutes
  • London: 52 minutes
  • Newcastle: 93 minutes.

HS2 train times

Discover how HS2 will transform your journey

HS2 helping reduce overcrowding

By freeing up space on existing lines, for new local train services, passengers and freight, HS2 helps ease congestion and over-crowding. Travelling by train becomes a more convenient and enjoyable option for everybody, regardless of how far they’re going.

According to Midlands Connect, HS2 will free up enough space on the existing railway network to improve rail services for 73 stations across the country. Find out more about its study on Benefits of HS2 Released Capacity.

Find out more about how HS2 helping reduce overcrowding more widely across the country.

HS2 helping reduce carbon emissions

By freeing up capacity on our current railways, HS2 will help take hundreds of lorries off the roads every day as more freight can move to rail. This will improve air quality and help reduce carbon emissions. Learn more about HS2 and zero carbon Britain.

In the East Midlands

HS2 will support the region's ambitions to be a globally competitive centre for hi-tech manufacturing and engineering and create opportunities for high value service sector jobs.

HS2 helps attract significant investment 

This is the epitome of rebalancing the economy. HS2 is not just about the train line. It is the biggest investment in the region for decades. It has to happen.

Maria Machancoses, director of Midlands Connect, and others, explain their support in this the Financial Times article:  HS2 extension seen as key to unlocking East Midlands potential.

HS2 is already boosting the region’s economy. The East Midlands HS2 Growth Strategy estimates that the arrival of HS2 could help provide 74,000 new jobs and add an extra £4bn a year to the regional economy. East Midlands Local Authorities are working together to maximise the economic potential of a new HS2 hub station at Toton and the integrated high speed station at Chesterfield. In March 2019, the Government approved £2m of funding for a new development body to oversee plans for the new HS2 station and expand East Midlands Airport. The proposed HS2 Infrastructure Maintenance Depot at Staveley offers major opportunities and Derbyshire County Council’s masterplan includes 1,500 new homes and 800 new jobs on site.

Read how investing in transport for growth will power the Midlands Engine.

125 East Midlands businesses have already delivered work on HS2

Companies like Explore Manufacturing in Nottinghamshire have already won contracts to work on HS2. They are suppling major bridges, creating new jobs in the process. Over half of all companies delivering work for HS2 are small and medium sized businesses.

Regional supply chain stories

Based in Nottingham, Total Reclaims Demolition Ltd is a specialist demolition contractor with expertise across all areas of demolition, remediation, recycling, asbestos removal and aggregate supply.

TRD are one of the demolition contractors who won work four years ago with HS2 enabling works contractor LMJV to undertake the removal of a number of buildings and clearance of sites in and around Birmingham city centre.

These included the demolition of the 300m long UK Mail/DHL Distribution Centre in Birmingham which was made more challenging due to the location next to the River Tame, and the demolition of the former Heartlands Park/Washwood Heath site to make way for the new HS2 depot.

Total Reclaims Demolition Ltd and HS2.

Worksop business Expanded has helped develop the Birmingham Interchange site by using its modular manufacturing technology to build bridges for HS2. In total, the company was contracted to design, manufacture and build four bridges at the site.

This included a 2,750 tonne bridge structure over the M42 which was fabricated at their factory in Worksop, assembled next to the site and then carried along the motorway on a self-propelled modular transporter.

Expanded and HS2.

More information about joining HS2’s supply chain.