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East Midlands Hub (Toton)

The East Midlands hub station in Toton will be one of the most connected places in the UK.

'Phase 2b'
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CGI image of the future site of the East Midlands Station for the HS2 high speed railway
Development concepts for the East Midlands Hub station at Toton.

In the East Midlands

HS2 will support the region's ambitions to be a globally competitive centre for hi-tech manufacturing and engineering and create opportunities for high value service sector jobs.

In the East Midlands, Councils, LEPs and the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce are working together to develop ambitious, deliverable proposals for maximising the economic potential of a new HS2 and classic rail hub station at Toton, the proposed Infrastructure Maintenance Depot at Staveley, and the new option for HS2 trains serving Chesterfield.

The hub station’s surrounding towns and cities are planning accordingly to capitalise on the enhanced connectivity HS2 delivers.

This includes proposals for the hub station to link to existing motorway, classic rail and tram networks. Derby and Nottingham are working together on an ambition that envisage a journey time of just 10 minutes from their city centres to the HS2 hub, and better link the two cities in the process

The East Midlands HS2 Growth Strategy will complement the wider work being taken forward through the Midlands Connect partnership to ensure the wider Midlands is HS2 ready, and also the ‘HS2 East’ initiative which is promoting better links to the North East of England and Scotland via the Eastern Leg of HS2. An emerging strategy document will be published by the end of September 2016.

Read the Nottingham Post report on civic leaders response to the Prime Ministers commitment to delivering HS2 all the way.