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The integrated high speed station at Preston will be at the heart of one of Britain’s most networked cities.

'Phase 1'
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High speed rail network map.

HS2 will transform transport links for Lancashire

HS2 trains will serve the current stations in Preston and Lancaster where passengers can access the high speed network. There will be fast, frequent and reliable connections joining up the cities of the north and the midlands, as well as more seats, more often, heading north to Cumbria and Scotland.

When fully open, there will be a connection to the West Coast Main Line at Wigan, which will allow us to then run trains along the existing line north of Wigan serving Edinburgh, Glasgow and other stations. This will include more services at Preston and Lancaster stations.

This means we need to make changes at some stations to accommodate the trains, which will be up to 400 metres long. In Preston we will extend platforms 3 and 4 and remove platforms 3c and 4c. We will also build a new platform on the western side of the station to replace the capacity lost at platforms 3c and 4c. A new footbridge will be built for passenger access to the new platform. Find out more about the proposals and let us know what you think about them.

HS2 Services in Lancashire

Preston to:

  • Birmingham Interchange, HS2 time 44 minutes.
  • Birmingham, HS2 time 50 minutes, current time 96 minutes
  • London, HS2 time 78 minutes, current time 128 minutes.

HS2 train times

Discover how HS2 will transform your journey

HS2 helping reduce overcrowding

By freeing up space on existing lines, for new local train services, passengers and freight, HS2 helps ease congestion and over-crowding. Travelling by train becomes a more convenient and enjoyable option for everybody, regardless of how far they’re going. Find out more about HS2 helping reduce overcrowding.

HS2 helping reduce carbon emissions

By freeing up capacity on our current railways, HS2 will help take hundreds of lorries off the roads every day as more freight can move to rail. This will improve air quality and help reduce carbon emissions. Learn more about HS2 and zero carbon Britain.

HS2 is integral to local plans to drive growth

It will create jobs and secure investment years before it arrives. The Lancashire Enterprise Partnership believes that productivity gains from the impact of HS2 services to the area could help provide an extra £600m for the region.

HS2 will reinforce Preston’s position as a strategic rail hub
The Lancashire Enterprise Partnership sees Preston as the engine to establish an ‘arc of prosperity’ running from Lancaster and through to Blackpool, Blackburn and Burnley taking in Lancashire’s aerospace, energy, tourism and higher education sectors. In Preston itself, HS2 could mean 75,000 extra visitors a year, adding £3.3m to the city’s economy annually.

91 North West businesses have already delivered work on HS2

Over half of all companies delivering work for HS2 are small and medium sized businesses.

Regional supply chain stories

Lancashire-based OakTec Power Ltd developed the low emission, off-grid, electricity generation solution into a welfare cabin specifically designed for the needs of HS2 construction and its maintenance contractors. It is a hybrid energy system which utilises battery energy storage with solar panels to boost charging.

OakTec Power Ltd and HS2.

More information about joining HS2’s supply chain.