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Sheffield Midland

Sheffield Midland will be served by what is termed a classic compatible service.

'Phase 2b'
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HS2 will serve Sheffield Midland on a dedicated link

Sheffield to:

  • East Midlands Hub, HS2 time 27 minutes
  • Interchange, HS2 time 54 minutes, current time 86 minutes
  • London, HS2 time 87 minutes, current time 119 minutes.
High speed rail network map.

HS2 train times

Discover how HS2 will transform your journey

HS2 helping reduce overcrowding

By freeing up space on existing lines, for new local train services, passengers and freight, HS2 helps ease congestion and over-crowding. Travelling by train becomes a more convenient and enjoyable option for everybody, regardless of how far they’re going. Find out more about HS2 helping reduce overcrowding.

HS2 helping reduce carbon emissions

By freeing up capacity on our current railways, HS2 will help take hundreds of lorries off the roads every day as more freight can move to rail. This will improve air quality and help reduce carbon emissions. Learn more about HS2 and zero carbon Britain.

Meeting regional demand

There will be a dedicated link taking high speed trains off the main line and running up to two trains per hour into Sheffield on existing lines, whilst the main HS2 line continues to carry trains serving Leeds and further North. These conventional compatible trains will also stop at Chesterfield. Compared to the fastest existing service of 120 minutes, HS2 will provide a London to Sheffield service of 87 minutes.

The advantage of this approach is that it better reflects the demand picture in South Yorkshire, where Sheffield city centre, and the area from it to Chesterfield, predominate without impacting on the services to the areas of greater demand to the North: Leeds, York and Newcastle.

It also allows for core HS2 services to run into Sheffield Midland without necessitating the cost and environmental impacts associated with building a dedicated high speed station in a dense, urban environment, whilst at the same time allowing an easy, cross-platform interchange to places across the city region by rail, and across the city on the tram network.

Integrating with NPR

It will integrate with Northern Powerhouse Rail and local transport to relieve congestion, improve reliability and speed up journey times. Running HS2 services into Sheffield Midland station will allow an easy, cross-platform interchange to conventional rail services and to the city’s tram network. HS2 services will also release capacity on existing lines improving the services to places such as Barnsley, Wakefield and Doncaster.

The use of Sheffield Midland for HS2 services also opens the possibility of running high speed trains from Birmingham through Sheffield and onto Leeds via a dedicated link to the main HS2 line. This link, which is being considered by Transport for the North as part of their work on Northern Powerhouse Rail, could deliver the ambition for a frequent 30 minute journey time between Leeds and Sheffield.

HS2 will fuel Sheffield’s growth plans

Sheffield City Region’s HS2 growth strategy is currently in development. The region’s Strategic Economic Plan aims to create 70,000 new private sector jobs and 6,000 businesses, and generate £4 billion for the local economy. With over 6,000 jobs in the Sheffield City Region directly linked to the rail industry, local companies are in prime position to compete for HS2’s supply chain opportunities.

Midland Station forms a key gateway to the city centre and will drive the redevelopment of the wider Sheaf Valley area. An HS2 Station Masterplan is being developed to upgrade the station.  The masterplan will provide the link into Midland Station by all modes of transport. It will integrate with the Northern Powerhouse aim to provide 30 minute journey times by rail between city centres as well as better connectivity to Manchester, Robin Hood and Leeds Bradford airports.

90 Yorkshire and the Humber businesses have already work on HS2.

They are just some of nearly 2000 businesses across the country working on HS2.

Regional supply chain stories 

Sheffield-based technology SME 3Squared is working with one of HS2’s principal construction partners SCS JV who are delivering the tunnelling programme for the route between Euston and the M25.

The three-year contract will see 3Squared supply its RailSmart software, alongside some bespoke modules, to form a supply chain management system, giving visibility of the complex freight supply chain, and providing live performance, cost management information and operational control data in real-time.

3Squared and HS2.

More information about joining HS2’s supply chain.