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HS2 will serve Stoke, helping to relieve congestion, improve reliability and speed up journey times.

'Phase 1'
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View of people sat on benches outside of Stoke railway station.

HS2 trains will serve Stoke station. Stoke will become an ‘integrated high speed station’ where passengers can catch classic-compatible HS2 trains and access the high speed network to the South.

HS2 Services to Stoke

  • London Euston to Stoke: HS2 time: 71 minutes, current time: 84 minutes, saving 13 minutes
  • London Old Oak Common to Stoke: HS2 time 64 minutes

HS2 services between London and Stoke will also call at Macclesfield and Stafford, with similar journey times to existing services.

HS2 journey planner

Discover how HS2 will transform your journey

HS2 helping reduce overcrowding

By freeing up space on existing lines, for new local train services, passengers and freight, HS2 helps ease congestion and over-crowding. Travelling by train becomes a more convenient and enjoyable option for everybody, regardless of how far they’re going. Find out more about HS2 helping reduce overcrowding.

HS2 helping reduce carbon emissions

By freeing up capacity on our current railways, HS2 will help take hundreds of lorries off the roads every day as more freight can move to rail. This will improve air quality and help reduce carbon emissions. Find out more about HS2 and zero carbon Britain.

HS2 will drive growth

HS2 will create jobs and secure investment years before it arrives. The Constellation Partnership covers Cheshire and Staffordshire. It has ambitions to deliver 100,000 new homes and 120,000 new jobs by 2040, spurred on by HS2 connectivity. The HS2 Growth Strategy predicts that this growth will be worth £6.4 billion.

Stoke-on-Trent is the capital of The Constellation – it’s vibrant, unique, resurgent city heart. The commercial, retail and leisure hub, developing rapidly and with huge potential for further growth – supporting existing town centres and building on the ongoing transformation of the city centre. Home of Staffordshire University and Ceramic Valley Enterprise Zone and heart of the UK ceramics industry, and at the forefront of innovative housing development, the city is one of three key industry, growth, and transport hubs that will drive growth throughout the Constellation.

91 North West businesses have already delivered work on HS2

They are just some of nearly 2,000 businesses across the country working on HS2.