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West Midlands tunnels

An annotated map of the HS2 line of route in the West Midlands with the location of the tunnels on it.

Bromford tunnel

The Bromford tunnel is a 3.5 mile twin-bore tunnel situated just outside Birmingham. The tunnel length was extended to minimise disruption to local communities and a local nature reserve. The tunnel will be 7.55m in diameter and trains will be traveling though the tunnels at an average speed of 140mph.

Bromford tunnel location map

Burton Green tunnel

The Burton Green tunnel is the shortest of all tunnels on the Phase One route measuring only half a mile in length. Burton Green tunnel is a cut and cover or a ‘green’ tunnel. This is where a cutting is created in the ground, a tunnel ‘box’ is constructed within the cutting and then the space around the box is filled to create an area of land on the surface.

Burton Green tunnel location map