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HS2 in Parliament

Learn about the progress of the Hybrid Bills through Parliament and associated matters.

HS2 Phase One Hybrid Bill

In November 2013, the government deposited a hybrid Bill with Parliament titled ‘High Speed Rail (London to West Midlands) Bill’. The Bill grants the powers to construct Phase One of the HS2 network. On 23 February 2017 Royal Assent was granted for Phase One of HS2.

The bill, essentially the planning application for HS2, received overwhelming support from MPs. In the Bill’s third reading in the Commons MPs voted 399 to 42 in favour. In the Lords, the figures were 386 to 26 in support of the Bill passing.

The bill is made up of a lot of detailed documents. You can view all the Phase One hybrid bill documents and find out more about the progress through Parliament on the GOV.UK website.

HS2 Phase 2a Hybrid Bill

In July 2017, the government introduced the High Speed Rail (West Midlands to Crewe) hybrid Bill into Parliament. This was the first step in getting permission to build this part of the route.

On 15 July 2019 the Bill received its Third Reading in the House of Commons, with 263 votes for and 17 votes against. The Bill received its First Reading in the House of Lords on 16 July. The House of Lords petitioning period ran from 17 July to 16 August, and a total of 35 petitions against the Bill were deposited.

The Bill secured Royal Assent on 11 February 2021.

You can view the Phase 2a hybrid bill documents and find out more details about its progress through parliament on the GOV.UK website.

Phase 2a

HS2 Phase 2b

Phase 2b of the route is split into an Eastern and Western leg. The Eastern leg will run from the West Midlands to Leeds, whilst the Western leg will run from Crewe to Manchester.

Phase 2b is at an earlier stage of the planning process but for all the latest information you can visit the HS2 Phase 2b document collection on GOV.UK.

Undertakings and Assurances

HS2 maintains a register of undertakings and assurances. It records all the individual undertakings and assurances given to petitioners and to Parliament in a single document. This is to help ensure that the ‘nominated undertaker’ (any person appointed to construct HS2), the Secretary of State for Transport, or any other organisation exercising the powers provided by the Act complies with them throughout the project’s lifecycle.

The register includes:

  • all undertakings between petitioners and the Secretary of State for Transport
  • undertakings given in the High Speed Rail (London to West Midlands) Bill Parliamentary process
  • assurances given to petitioners in letters from HS2 Ltd, the Department for Transport or HS2 Parliamentary Agents (Winckworth Sherwood and Eversheds) on behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport; and
  • assurances given in the HS2 information papers.

The register is maintained on the HS2 section of GOV.UK.

HS2 Phase One register of undertakings and assurances

HS2 Phase 2a register of undertakings and assurances