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What we spend and how we spend it

Financial information on the funding we receive and our expenditure.

Publications on a table.

Annual accounts

Annual report and accounts

Our report and account documents look at our activities over the course of the year.

They show the highlights of our key projects and the progress made to meet our objectives.

Financial statements, budget and variance reports

Procurement and tender procedures

Contract Opportunities

You can find all our contract opportunities here.

This includes the contact details of those offering the contracts or needs the supplies, to help you take part in the supply chain.

Addition information is expected but not timetabled.


European Union contract opportunities

HS2 supply chain FAQs

We asked industry and trade organisations for questions about the HS2 project which the supply chain would like answered.

We have provided our responses in this document.

Supplier guide

Supply chain indirect opportunities

UK Government Contract Finder

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