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Bringing Britain closer together

By reducing journey times between major towns and cities, we're effectively shrinking the size of Britain.

By bringing Britain closer together, HS2 will help spread opportunity across the country. Better train travel leads to growth in many more towns and cities. Faster, greener and more reliable trains make it easier to travel for work or leisure. Use the HS2 journey planner below to find out how we will be bringing Britain closer together.

HS2 train times

Discover how HS2 will transform your journey

The benefits of bringing Britain closer together

More places within an hour’s reach

Manchester office block skyline

By bringing more towns and cities within one hour of each other:

  • people will have more options when deciding where they live and work
  • employers can find the right people for new jobs
  • students will have more choice about where to study.

Find out where HS2 goes: view our map.

Rail travel will be revolutionised

HS2 will revolutionise rail travel in the UK. As the new M1 of Britain’s rail network, HS2 will drive standards in efficiency, reliability, connectivity and speed. By freeing up space on the existing network, we’re creating a more reliable railway that Britain will be proud of.

Learn how HS2 is a game changer for our rail network and will improve your journey, even if you don’t use our trains: watch our video.


Even road travel will benefit

HS2 will encourage a shift from cars and lorries to train. More punctual and reliable train services will inspire confidence among commuters to leave the car at home, easing congestion on our busy motorways, as well as helping to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.

Freight on lorries will also move to the existing rail network, which will have more capacity for freight trains thanks to fast intercity services moving on to HS2’s new network. Watch our video to find out more.


Greener travel that's low carbon


HS2 will deliver greener travel, as it will be more environmentally friendly to take the train. Find out how low carbon HS2 services will be. Read more about HS2 and zero carbon Britain.

Better for leisure time


architect's vision of Old Oak Station

HS2 will provide better access to tourist, heritage and cultural destinations right across Britain. Long journey times and poor connectivity prevent many from experiencing the whole of Britain and its celebrated landmarks. HS2 will help to open up access for all.

HS2 will make it easier for sports fans to access stadiums and events up and down the country. Faster journeys to major towns and cities, coupled with seamless links to local and regional services, will make it easier for fans to follow their teams and sporting fixtures both home and away.

Explore our route map and find out where’s close to HS2’s route.

Bridging the North-South divide

HS2 will rebalance Britain’s economy by closing the North-South divide, allowing regions beyond the South East to realise their economic potential and truly prosper. By vastly improving connections between towns, cities and regions, HS2 will bring people, their skills and businesses closer together, opening up markets new and old, and creating a more balanced economy for the whole country. Find out more: read the Realising the Potential report.