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Demand for rail travel is higher than ever but despite widespread investment, in many places the rail network is over-crowded and unreliable. HS2 will add much needed capacity, with the least possible disruption to the people who use trains today.

By 2033 up to 48 HS2 trains an hour will carry over 300,000 passengers a day across the rail network. As long distance services switch to HS2, capacity will be released on existing routes.

That means the benefits will be felt by passengers on the current network as well, where there will be space for more local, regional and commuter services on crowded routes.

Road users could see improvements too, as up to 76 lorries could be taken off motorways by every extra freight train on the rails.

Improving connectivity and productivity.

On HS2: London, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, York, Preston and Wigan will all be within an hour of Birmingham.

Just one example of the increased choice HS2 will provide for work, trade, study and leisure. We’ll bring more within reach of all.