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The Chilterns tunnel approach at its South Portal.

HS2 is constructing nine tunnels between London and Birmingham.

HS2 will have 64 miles of tunnelling. Find out where the nine tunnels are being built and about the tunnelling technology used to construct them.

HS2 tunnels by area

Buckinghamshire tunnels

Buckinghamshire will benefit from two HS2 tunnels. The 10 mile long Chilterns tunnel and a green tunnel at Wendover.

West Midlands tunnels

HS2 is constructing two tunnels in this area. The Bromford tunnel and a green tunnel at Burton Green.

London tunnels

Under London, HS2 will dig two tunnels. From West Ruislip and Euston, meeting at Old Oak Common.

Warwickshire and Northhamptonshire

The two counties will benefit from three HS2 tunnels, at Long Itchington, Chipping Warden and Greatworth.

A tunnel boring machine, over 170 metres long sits in a factory yard. Along its side, ducts, pipes and supports are visible.

Tunnelling tech

Find out how HS2 tunnels will be built using the latest technology

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