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demolition work at Curzon Street
How we build HS2 is as important as what we build
Curzon Street station preparatory works

Designing and constructing the high speed rail network

HS2 is applying the best in worldwide design and construction techniques. We will achieve new standards in infrastructure delivery, resilient operations and passenger experience.

Birmingham Airport interior

HS2 will bring over £92 billion of benefits. For every £1 spent on HS2 the UK will receive £2.30 in benefits. Learn more about these.

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Building HS2

  • Design vision

    We will enhance the lives of future generations of people in Britain by designing a transformational rail system that is admired globally

    Design aspiration

  • Environment and sustainability

    We will deliver a railway that respects the natural environment by conserving, replacing or enhancing wildlife habitats.

    The environment and sustainability

  • Building the line

    A transformational network requires innovative construction, rolling stock, rail systems

    Building the line

  • Archaeology

    This once-in-a-generation archaeology opportunity will allow us to reveal over 10,000 years of British history.

    HS2 Archaeology

Construction illustration

HS2 construction phases, plans and locations

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Surveying along the route

Learn more about our education resources, and the skills needed to design, build and operate the railway.

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