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Only HS2 adds 13,000 peak hour seats on the West Coast Main Line route – by building a new railway.

About us

Who we are

HS2 Ltd was set up by the Government to develop, build and operate HS2, a national high-speed railway linking London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester, with connectivity to the existing rail network. It is a non-departmental public body, wholly funded by the Secretary of State for Transport and sponsored by the Department for Transport.

HS2: More Capacity, Cutting Carbon and Better Connectivity

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Corporate information and governance

HS2’s corporate plan includes a review of performance and sets out key objectives and a high-level delivery plans These outline: our vision, mission and values.

Download the HS2 corporate plan.

You can also find information we publish, the way we publish it and if you will need to pay a charge to see it in our Publication Scheme guide.

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Transparency data, such as workforce management information, spending and forum minutes, can be found on GOV.UK. This is in line with government policy on publishing transparency data.

Transparency data

A bespoke delivery organisation

HS2 is one of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the UK. It requires a bespoke delivery organisation to execute the planning, design and integration of the component parts of the new high-speed railway.

HS2 Ltd is responsible for procuring and bringing together a supply chain of designers and contractors to deliver billions of pounds worth of contracts, acquiring an unprecedented volume of land and property, in line with the Compensation Code, to build, maintain and operate the railway. The company must demonstrate compliance with the requisite technical, safety and environmental standards at all times.

Delivering Phase One

Having secured Parliament’s consent and delivered the enabling works for the Phase One route between London and the West Midlands, the organisation has undergone a significant transformation to prepare for the country’s largest construction programme.

Over the next few years, HS2 Ltd’s delivery responsibilities will increase from an annual spend of about £3 billion to some £6 billion as the major civils works, station construction, rolling stock and railway systems procurement gets underway.

Planning Phase 2a and Phase 2b

HS2 Ltd is currently seeking legislative powers to construct Phase 2a, the route between the West Midlands and Crewe. We are also promoting the Phase 2b route into Manchester, which will be set out in a future hybrid Bill, while the route serving the East Midlands, South Yorkshire and Leeds is being reviewed as part of the Integrated Rail Plan process. No other public or private sector organisation has the expertise or capacity to achieve these aims. HS2 Ltd brings together the skills and knowledge to successfully deliver all these elements, whilst driving integrated delivery, innovation and value for money.

Building the benefits

The company is committed to maximising the benefits of the railway as a client organisation and, due to the nature of HS2 Ltd and the scale of the project, it is strongly positioned to create huge positive changes through its supply chain.

This includes creating tens of thousands of UK jobs and business opportunities up and down the country, driving innovation in digital and low-carbon construction and creating a more diverse engineering and construction sector with opportunities for more than 2,000 new apprentices and people from underrepresented groups.

HS2 will be the most environmentally sustainable railway ever built in the UK, creating a ‘green corridor’ of millions of trees and shrubs and new wildlife habitats.

The high-speed railway will not only become the ‘spine’ of the UK rail network – it will significantly contribute to the UK’s legal commitment to be carbon neutral by 2050.